By-Donation Community Classes

YogaSpace is delighted to offer weekly by-donation classes. Donate any amount from your heart... and portion of the class proceeds goes to a charitable organization each season.

Community class with Rob and Saeeda.
Community class with Rob and Saeeda.

Thanks to the selfless service of our teachers and your generous donations over the years, we've been able to give thousands of dollars to many worthy charities and organizations (see the list in sidebar).

If you have a particular charity that you would like us to consider for our By-Donation Yoga classes, please let us know!

Yoga classes by donation:

  • Tuesdays at Noon with Saeeda
  • Sundays at 4:00pm with Rob

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Charity of the season /

The Waterbearers, Inc., is a women-led movement committed to helping one million people get access to clean water by World Water Day (Mar 22). 460,000 people have
been reached so far. The Waterbearers partner Waves For Water, implement the majority of the clean water systems funded, which includes a filter that can last up to 10 years, plus community sustainability training. They currently operate in 38 countries. Both The Waterbearers and Waves For Water are US registered 501(c)(3)'s, and during this campaign 100% of your donation goes to Waves For

What students are saying...

"Thank you, Yogaspace, for the community yoga classes! I gratefully attend Rob's excellent Sunday afternoon classes. My twin daughters also attend when they can. Our family is financially squeezed by medical expenses; the by-donation class is a godsend." — JM