Corporate Yoga

To transform the tension and fatigue in your work place to alertness, increased productivity and efficiency, bring yoga to your workplace. Whether you are a small business or big corporation, we can support your staff by bringing yoga, mindfulness and meditation to your office!

Why Corporate Yoga?

  • Enhances work performance
  • Improves memory, focus and concentration
  • Increases morale and efficiency
  • Reduce sick time and absences
  • Benefit employees by reducing stress
  • Toning and strengthening muscles
  • Practicing in the office eliminates travel time
  • Promotes a sense of community

Do employees need experience?

No. Classes are taught with beginners in mind and are accessible to everyone. Modifications are taught with poses to accommodate all levels.

What to wear?

Comfortable clothing. If work clothes are free moving, that works (or employees can slip into a comfortable tee and yoga pants).

Yoga Equipment

Students should bring their own mats. Teacher will bring blocks or straps when needed. We sell an intro pack of props if needed (yoga mat, mat bag, strap, block).

Space for Practicing

Clean, open floor space, conference rooms, and company gym are some examples that work well.

How Often?

Practicing yoga 2-3 times per week for 45mins to an hour will deliver significant benefits.

Class Examples

- Lunchtime Yoga
- Before or After Work Yoga
- DeStress At Your Desk
- Mindfulness & Meditation

Class Pricing

YogaSpace customizes onsite yoga programs to meet the needs of both the company and employees. Please contact us at the office for more information on setting up a corporate yoga program by calling us at (203) 730-9642 or send us an email at