Find The Class That's Right For You

Yoga is not a one-size-fits all proposition. We know that each body is different and that you're coming to practice for your own personal needs. We offer a variety of classes and approaches to yoga so you can find the class that's right for you! Each of our fabulous teachers brings their unique background, expertise and passion. Our vision is to create an all-inclusive community where individuals learn, practice together, support one another and thrive!

Balanced Yoga

A moderate level, holistic practice drawing on multiple yoga traditions. Classes will include warming stretches; conscious breath; formal yoga postures (including longer posture holds and intermediate poses); meditation and/or relaxation. Classes may also weave in yoga philosophy traditions, history or metaphors. Suitable for students with some awareness of yoga postures, including Sun Salutations, who want to deepen their practice.

Align and Flow Yoga

A mixed level class consisting of a beautiful combination of yoga asana with specific focus on alignment and core engagement. Throughout the class you will gain a more physiologically sound understanding of each pose with plenty of options to adapt the pose to best suit your needs. This class includes Sun Salutations, Pranayama, and Asana with an emphasis on aligned posture through the LYT Method. You may even be taller by the end of class! This class is suitable for all yogi's from beginner to advanced.

Yoga Basics

For beginning yoga students as well as those who want to develop their understanding of the practice of yoga. Classes will contain lengthier explanations and postures modified to students’ needs. This class includes stretches to warm the body; conscious breath; formal yoga postures; and meditation and/or relaxation. No prior experience required; open to all students.

Yin Yoga: Deepen Your Practice

This calming practice focuses on postures that lengthen the muscles surrounding the hips, pelvis, and lower back. Supported postures are held for 3-5 minutes per side in this intentionally slow paced, deep practice. Benefits included slowing down the mind, lowering heart rate & blood pressure, easing join and back pain and promoting healing, rejuvenation and better sleep. The class will conclude with seated meditation. All levels are welcome.

LYT (Lara Yoga Technique)

LYT Yoga is a unique style of yoga created by Physical Therapist, Lara Heimann. This yoga method promotes a more sustainable movement practice, emphasizing functional movement, alignment, and intelligent sequencing. This biomechanically sound method is based on the three principles of physiology, kinesiology, and neurology. LYT Yoga is challenging both physically and mentally with its sophisticated and intelligent structure and sequencing of poses.

Yoga Flow

Expect great music, laughter, and community in this light-hearted flow class. We focus on breathwork, improving balance, and increasing mobility. Start your day strong and with peace. Suitable for all levels.

Kundalini Yoga

This is an introductory class will review all the basics of Kundalini Yoga, including postures (asanas) dynamic movement, sound current (mantra) breath (pranayama) and meditation. Through specific sets of practices, called “kriyas," you’ll learn to strengthen and balance your bodily systems, cultivate objective awareness, and experience greater clarity & emotional balance. No experience necessary. All levels welcome. Please Note: This class is very different then the other yoga classes we offer.

Pre & Post Natal Yoga

This nurturing and fun yoga class is designed to strengthen, stretch and integrate the changes in a woman’s body during pregnancy and early motherhood. Mamas to-be will learn what poses are appropriate for them, as well as breathing techniques to promote concentration, relaxation and energy. New moms are welcome to bring infants (pre-crawling), and enjoy engaging with their baby and other moms in the process. No prior yoga experience is necessary, and permission from your doctor is suggested.

Gentle Yoga

A slower yoga class with gentle postures and emphasis on relaxation and de-stressing. Postures may be held or gently flow together. The class will include warming stretches; gentle yoga postures; conscious breath; and meditation and/or relaxation. Suitable for students with some awareness of yoga postures or those wanting a mellow practice.

Stand-Up Paddle Board Yoga (Seasonal)

Take your yoga to the lake and discover your connection to nature while doing yoga on a Stand Up Paddleboard. We offer private SUP Yoga instruction (with all the equipment you need). You'll learn proper paddling techniques, paddling safety, and how to navigate poses on the board (hint; you'll be using your core and challenging your balance). These are 1-on-1 classes, tailored to your needs. SUP Yoga is for those who don't mind getting wet and who want to have the most fun you can imagine doing yoga on the water! Plus there's nothing quite like a floating relaxation when you're done.

The Art of Meditation

This class will introduce you to meditation and its many facets revealing hidden treasures along the way. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned meditator this class will help you to rediscover your inner stillness and silence while building a deep understanding of the practice and its many values & benefits. Regular practice will help restore balance, generate deeper calm, boost your health & healing, increase concentration & productivity, create greater joy, experience more clarity, creativity & purpose. Meditation will open your eyes and improve the quality of your life.

Community Yoga (By Donation)

All by donation classes are noted with a by line of “by donation” while utilizing the most appropriate class title from above. These classes are offered as a service to the community; you may pay whatever you wish (a typical donation ranges from $5 - $10 or $15), and a portion of the proceeds goes to charity. Please donate as generously as you can in accordance with your means and the value you feel you've received from the class. This means that everyone can afford yoga and helps us complete the circle of giving back.