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Our instructors are certified and bring a world of experience and knowledge to YogaSpace. While we all have different styles and approaches, what unifies us is our passion for teaching and our compassion & respect for our students and each other. We believe in the power of yoga to transform, helping all who come to the practice achieve health, unity and wholeness. We strive to incorporate the principles of yoga into our lives and feel deeply honored to share the practice with you!

Rob Rob Farella
Rob Farella, RYT200, is the newest co-owner of YogaSpace. He began his exploration with yoga in 2003. It only took a year until he developed a "serious" relationship with his yoga practice and in 2007 he began teaching, completing his first teachers' training at Element Yoga with Bernadette Birney in the Anusara Style. He has also trained with Ross Rayburn, Sadi Nardini, Todd Norian, Sally Kempton and various other masterful teachers. He continues to pursue education in yoga and the meditation arts. This ongoing process of learning is what provides the fresh insights that inspire his teaching. Healthy breathing, alignment, and balanced energy flow are consistent points of focus in his classes. Rob’s teaching style is intuitive and he nourishes the hidden strengths of his students while challenging them to reach beyond their perceived limitations. You will leave his classes feeling enlivened and renewed. Rob teaches Balanced Yoga and Yin Restorative Yoga as well as our Art of Meditation class. Contact Rob directly here.
Gloria Owens
Gloria (aka "Ariel") is a co-owner of YogaSpace and a Certified Kripalu Yoga Instructor who has been teaching yoga since 1994 and practicing for 25+ years. Her popular classes offer an eclectic mix of styles in a fun and non-judgmental atmosphere, and her compassionate and intuitive teaching style makes each class a unique experience. Gloria draws inspiration from many of her teachers including Angela Farmer, Lillias Folan, Shiva Rea and Sudha Carolyn Lundeen, with whom she completed her Restorative Yoga training in 2013. Additionally, Gloria is proud to be part of the teacher training faculty and mentor for Lotus Gardens Yoga School. As a talented graphic designer, visionary artist & photographer, Gloria brings her playful, creative energy to each class, and invites her students to do the same. Gloria teaches Balanced Yoga and Gentle Yoga as well as Restorative Yoga workshops. Gloria is also certified in the AromaTouch Technique (therapeutic healing with essential oils) and Stand up Paddle Board Yoga. Contact Gloria directly here.
Saeeda Quaisar
Saeeda is a certified yoga instructor in the Himalayan tradition of Hatha yoga.  She has been teaching yoga since 2011. Her knowledge of various styles such as Hatha, Kripalu, Kundalini, Anusara along with substantial understanding of the philosophy of yoga make her teaching versatile. Saeeda’s primary goal is to create an experience in her yoga classes that enriches the lives of the participants on and off the mat. In her class she invites students to connect with their body, breath and mind. She focuses on alignment along with helpful reminders to connect breath with asana. She encourages students to listen to their bodies with compassion and only go so far. Saeeda believes if you are looking to reduce stress, find balance in your life, bring harmony to relationships then you can benefit from her yoga class. Saeeda teaches Balanced Yoga. Contact directly Saeeda here.

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Agni Chapska
Agni completed her 500-hr training in Hatha ParaYoga tradition of the Himalayan Institute in PA. Developed by master teacher, Rod Stryker, ParaYoga offers students of all levels access to the entire range and sacred power of Yoga. Agni brings her luminous quality into each class, intuitively guiding students towards their own inner illumination. Her classes are unique combination Hatha Para Yoga and Ayurveda (she is also a trained Ayurveda Specialist). She realizes the importance of our connection to the elements of Water, Fire, Earth, Air and Ether, and teaches her students that these elements are not only present in our bodies, but that they require love and care in order to achieve more balanced life. Agni believes that Yoga illuminates her life. Agni continues to study and take inspiration from her beloved teachers, Kathryn Templeton, Sue Neufeld, Bill Banick, Sandra Anderson, and Rolf Sovik of Himalayan Institute. Agni teaches Flow Yoga, Balanced Yoga and Gentle Yoga.

Taryn Darcy (formerly, Khaladie)
Taryn holds a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Physiology and Studio Art from Simmons College as well as her 200hr. Yoga Teacher Certification from Lotus Gardens Yoga School. She completed her Reiki II certification with Brenner Reiki Healing. Taryn has worked with students with limited mobility and chronic pain and she believes that everyone can do yoga, no mater what their body type, age and preconceived notions. Join Taryn for Balanced Yoga and Yoga Basics. She will open your eyes and your heart to what yoga is really about! Taryn also offers private Reiki healing in the Lotus Room at YogaSpace. Contact Taryn directly to book a session.

Karen Gillotti
Karen Gillotti is an experienced 500+ hour certified teacher. She was certified in Integral Hatha Yoga from beginner to advanced level including breath techniques (pranayama) and meditation, as well as Prenatal Yoga and Cardiac Yoga (Gentle). She also earned certification from Kripalu in Yoga Nidra (extended deep relaxation) studying with Jennifer Reiss. In order to grow in her own practice and teachings, she has participated in many workshops over the years exploring various styles of yoga. She recently completed a Vinyasa Yoga course at Kripalu with renowned yoga teacher Cindy Lee. She likes to blend and incorporate various styles of yoga into her classes to make them fun and creative while at the same time maintaining the true essence of yoga. She very much encourages students to work at their own pace and ability and offers hands-on assists. Each of her classes ends with a 15-minute Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation) to consolidate and integrate the students' yoga experience. She is married to Joe Gillotti. Both of them have been teaching at YogaSpace since our inception in 2001. Karen teaches Balanced Yoga and our Monthly Yoga Nidra workshops.(see special events).
Terri Jennings
Terri Jennings began practicing yoga when a co-worker, Maureen Melino, talked her into trying a class through Westport’s Continuing Education back in 1988. She instantly knew this was her passion and the rest is history. In 2008 Terri's dream to help others became a reality when she received her 200-hour yoga instructor training from Lotus Gardens, a registered Yoga Alliance School in Sherman, CT. Terri believes in blending yoga and nature to bring harmony and peace back to the body and soul to leave you with a feeling of tranquility and harmony. Terri can be found teaching Balanced Yoga and Flow Yoga at Yoga Space. Visit her website at
April McKale
April began practicing Yoga with Natasha Raymond, YogaSpace's founder, in the summer of 2002 and has been practicing yoga ever since. She has been immersed in the study of Tibetan Buddhism in the Mahayana tradition since 2008 at Do Ngak Kunphen Ling Tibetan Buddhist Learning Center in Redding, CT. As a Western wife & mom with two kids, she understands the challenges of modern day life, and how ancient wisdom can be applied in practical and meaningful ways. She loves making meditation accessible for all. April will be leading weekday Meditation classes during the Summer of 2016.
Christina Maldia [NEW]
Christina Maldia is certified in Flow Vinyasa Yoga through NYC's Sonic Yoga, as well as Clinical Massage Therapy. She is a lover of the creative arts, of adventure and of helping others towards lightness and happiness. She strives to incorporate these values into her yoga classes as a celebration of life. After creating a family of her own, she studied Prenatal Yoga through Chicago's Bloom Yoga Studio. Throughout the years, Yoga has made Christina a more calm, brave, and confident person. The journey continues on. She owns her life and embraces it’s challenges with her feet on the ground, with the light in her heart, and with a free dancing spirit in her soul. She would like you to explore the journey with her! Christina teaches Yoga Basics.

Heather Morgado
Heather, a 200-RYT is registered with Yoga Alliance and the International Association of Yoga Therapists. She completed her 200 hour level certification through Lotus Gardens Yoga School. In addition to her 200 RYT, Heather is also certified to teach Pre-Natal Yoga and is a Certified LifeForce Yoga Practitioner. She has participated in the Youth Service Conference at Omega featuring Beryl Bender Birch, Nikki Meyers and the Holistic Life Foundation. She also has attended numerous workshops at Kripalu including a restorative workshop with Jillian Pransky. Heather supports her students to explore their yogic journey and abilities. Her nurturing nature creates a safe container for her students. She is also a belly dancer; teaches in the corporate setting; to toddlers; and at weekend retreats.
Heather teaches Balanced Yoga
and Pre-Natal Yoga.

Karen Pierce
A life-long student of yoga, Karen’s style is based on her extensive teaching experience and her studying with multiple lineages, teachers and styles of yoga. Karen takes what is most helpful and meaningful from a vast array of different sources and styles. She is a master of progressive teaching and every class has an intention or sequencing (krama) that is unique. Karen works with movement sequencing (asana and somatics), breath work (pranayama), mudras, energy work, and the wisdom of Ayurveda (Indian Medicine) so that the yoga can be adapted to all levels of ability. As a Yoga Therapist, Karen works one-on-one with individuals honoring ancient yoga techniques while combining modern wisdom to identify imbalances and empower the person to progress toward improved health and well-being. Karen is the author of YogaBear: Yoga for Youngsters (Northword Press, 2004) and co-contributor to Yoga in America (2009). Karen teaches Balanced Yoga and is also available for private yoga sessions. Contact Karen directly at
Heather Philip
Heather is a Certified Kripalu Yoga instructor. Her moderate level classes encourage each student to work at their own pace, while challenging each individual to meet their perceived limitations with compassion and awareness. Her soothing voice helps make her class a nurturing and relaxing experience. In January of 2007 Heather created the first By-Donation class at Yogaspace and proceeds from these class have been supporting charitable organizations locally and around the world. Find out more about the charities that have benefited from these classes. Heather teaches Balanced Yoga.
Christina Rojas
Christina is a 200 hour certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher and has been practicing yoga since 2006. Her yoga practice began as a way to stretch after cycling class and has evolved into an exploration of the body, mind and spirit in moving meditation. Christina brings a big heart, easy-going style and warm smile to everything she does. You will leave her class feeling relaxed and ready for a great night's sleep. Christina leads our Yoga Basics class for beginners. You can learn more about Christina and follow here at and Contact Christina directly by email here. Christina leads our Yoga Basics class for beginners.
Lisa Rosenthal
Lisa is certified by Lotus Gardens Yoga School with Lara Ward and is a member of the Yoga Alliance (RYT200). She practices daily, with an emphasis on Viniyoga and Vinyasa. Lisa's classes move through poses, using breath, body, spirit, love and compassion. Lisa is the founder of Fertile Yoga and a Patient Advocate and Blogger for Reproductive Medicine Associates of CT. She is also a writer for the prestigious Huffington Post. Lisa teaches Balanced Yoga, as well as Fertile Yoga (a free class offered to both men and women). Check out Lisa's blog, Path To Fertility.
Susan Shaner, M.A., M.S., RYT, CHC
Susan was introduced to yoga at twelve and it periodically knocked on her door. It wasn’t until her forties that she fully embraced it’s call and soon immersed herself in teaching. Currently Susan is a level 3 Naam Yoga instructor and pursuing her level 2 Kundalini Teacher certification. Having taught many classes and workshops to diverse populations, Susan is witness to the transformative effects of Kundalini yoga. In class, she supports the power of observation, self-compassion, and meeting yourself where you are at, while balancing acceptance and striving for more. While Susan has had an extensive corporate career, including running her own consulting practice, she has also trained in many healing modalities, including being a Reiki Master, Harmonyum Practitioner and Expressive Art Therapist. She brings this eclectic perspective and energy to her yoga teaching. Susan teaches Kundalini Yoga.
Kate Schell [NEW]
Kate Schell, RYT200, started as a student at YogaSpace, and completed her yoga certifcation at Mind, Body, Soul Yoga in Washington Heights, NY in 2016. Kate enjoys teaching a Hatha/Vinyasa style class, offering fun and informative classes to her students. When not teaching, she also enjoys practicing, Buti Yoga, a unique blend of tribal dance and yoga. Not only is Kate a Certified Yoga instructor, she is also a home-based entrepreneur, a mom of four, a self proclaimed tech nerd, a committed student of online digital marketing, an Amazon book junkie, a midnight owl, an over planner, daydreamer, writer and big thinker. Kate teaches Balanced Yoga.
Supriya Swerdlick
Supriya has been an Integral Yoga teacher since 1989, teaching Hatha Yoga and meditation for over two decades. A licensed massage therapist, certified Kripalu Danskinetics (YogaDance) teacher, and graduate of the New Seminary, she facilitates weddings and sacred ceremonies and has served on the staff of Omega Institute since 1995. Supriya is known for her gentle, loving and compassionate teaching style and her ability to facilitate transformational experiences with playfulness and heart. Supriya teaches Gentle Yoga and leads our Drum & Dance events at YogaSpace. (see special events).
Barabra Templeton
Author of the Complete Idiot’s Guide to Stretching and Editor and contributor of the book Yoga of Heart, The Healing Power of Intimate Connection, Barbara Templeton, MS, E-RYT (500), has studied with many renowned yoga masters. Barbara takes these teachings to her public classes and private students to help them connect with the deeper aspects of yoga. Barbara received her formal yoga teacher certification from the famed Kripalu Center, the largest site for yoga and holistic health in the United States and she is a certified Vinyasa Krama teacher. She is a member of the Yoga Alliance and the International Association of Yoga Therapists. Barbara teaches Balanced Yoga, as well as Pre-Natal Yoga.
Wendy Verga
Wendy is a licensed Physical Therapist who specialized in back care, postural alignment and ergonomics. As a Yoga Instructor, her practice is based on the principles of Anusara Yoga, noted for it’s emphasis on alignment and recognition of our inherent goodness. Wendy is a supportive teacher who uses her background in anatomy, therapeutics and kinetics to safely guide her students through a fun, yet challenging practice; encouraging a sense of curiosity and self discovery. She firmly believes that the lessons we learn on the mat can be applied to our everyday lives. In our search for health, happiness and peace, our yoga practice can keep us grounded and focused, and provide perspective when managing life’s challenges. Wendy teaches Flow Yoga and Balanced Yoga.
Michelle Wenis
Michelle Wenis is a veteran childbirth educator, a 200 hour trained yoga teacher and has taken additional prenatal training with Rose St. John Bergen, author of Fathers at Birth, and Suzanne Cardinal of Into This World Productions. Certified as a children’s yoga teacher via Karma Kids Yoga and as singer/songwriter/recording artist to both the “How We Grow – LITTLEseed® Program Songs” and “How We Grow – Prenatal Instrumentals,” parents are provided the tools to soothe, to calm, to nurture and bond more deeply through movement, music & simple discovery. She has taught since 2004, however, delights in the "newness" that connecting with new parents and their babies brings. We are thrilled to have Michelle back at YogaSpace to teach our Mommy & Baby Yoga class! We are thrilled to have Michelle back at YogaSpace to teach our Mommy & Me Yoga class!

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Kriss Alexander
Kriss has been strongly influenced by the Anusara, Iyengar and Ashtanga styles of yoga. She is a 2008 graduate of Lotus Gardens’ 200 Hour Teacher Training program which is based on a comparative study of the major styles of yoga. A dance instructor since 1980, her teaching style has had many years to evolve into an especially precise and easy to understand practice. Alleviating pain and preventing injuries through proper alignment is a major focus in her classes. Over two decades ago, Kriss earned a degree as a Registered Nurse. She has worked in many specialties over the years, covering the full spectrum, from obstetrics to geriatrics. She has also worked with those recovering from addiction, both in a nursing and yogic perspective. Kriss initiated a yoga program for her clients at a local recovery facility which continues to this day. Kriss' goal is to help her students integrate their mental and physical health which will likely lead to greater spiritual serenity.
Deidre Americo
Deidre began teaching vinyasa yoga in 2009 as a way to balance her hectic schedule that her advertising job provided. Finding that yoga was her passion, she decided to transition into full time teaching and her classes range from high-energy power yoga, to gentle flow, and restorative. She has experience teaching a wide variety of students, ranging from athletes, to people with limited physical mobility; from yogis that have been practicing for a lifetime, to people who have never tried yoga.
Sharona Fein
Sharona Fein (aka "Lakshmi Ma") has been a practitioner and teacher of energy healing for over 25 years and is and certified Integral Yoga teacher. Formerly the director and creative force behind The Healing Arts Community of CT, she immersed herself in the study and practice of Thai Yoga Body Therapy while doing extensive trainings in Canada, Thailand and Loas. Until moving to Boulder, Colorado in the summer of 2013, Sharona offered yoga classes, workshops and private Thai Yoga Body Therapy sessions at YogaSpace. She continues to be a source of wisdom and inspiration for this community, even from afar.
Dina Ferrante
Dina is a former co-owner of Yogaspace and Yoga Alliance certified through Devalila Yoga (“Divine Play” in Sanskrit) in Lambertville, NJ. Dina has combined her training and other studies with nationally recognized teachers, to create her own unique style of yoga; guiding students through the process of gently releasing tension held deep within the body. Dina’s detailed instruction with careful attention on alignment and breath gives students the opportunity to become deeply connected with all aspects of themselves. Her philosophy is that after yoga practice you should not only feel better in your body, but better about your life. In the summer of 2011 Dina moved to Colorado. We will certainly miss her! Contact Dina directly via email here and check out her website,

Missy Gregson
Missy has been sharing her passion of yoga ever since her graduation from Lotus Gardens Yoga School in 2008. in addition, she completed her 200-hour Ashtanga Yoga Training in April, 2013. Missy guides her students’ awareness to the rhythmic sound and quality of their breath in combination with a series of gentle yoga postures, inducing a form of moving meditation. In this way she invites her students to explore the meditative aspect of yoga. Missy gives thanks to all teachers of yoga who have passed on the tradition and is inspired by the practice and philosophy of Ashtanga Yoga, the eight limb path of yoga. She continues her studies by attending yoga workshops with David Swenson, David Williams, Tim Miller, Beryl Bender Birch, David Garrigues, Srivatsa Ramaswami and Erich Schiffman. Missy teaches Flow Yoga (Ashtanga Yoga)

Mitzi Hayes
Mitzi is a graduate of Lotus Gardens yoga school in Sherman, CT. She has been practicing yoga for 12 years. Her “heart opening” hatha yoga approach incorporates the use of straps and blocks which help you to become aware of your balance & alignment. Her classes provide a gentle, yet strong, workout that will make you sweat while also calming your mind. Additionally, Mitzi teaches restorative, couples and therapeutic classes, and attributes her gifts and mental awareness to her practice of yoga.
Jill Lord
Jill Lord has been teaching Fitness Class for over 12 years. She teaches a variety of classes in Yoga, Mat Pilates and Pilates Apparatus, Barre, Total Body Conditioning, Indoor Cycling, and Forza. She is a Personal Trainer and a Certified Nutrition Specialist. Her Mat Pilates training was with Power Pilates and Physical Mind and her Pilates Apparatus training was with Physical Mind as well as years of workshops with Stott, Balanced Body and Peak Pilates. Jill is a Level 2 Reiki Practitioner and enjoys other activities such as hiking, bodybuilding and is currently studying to be an Aromatherapist and incorporating her own essential oil blends for others to enhance their well-being. She lives in Danbury with her husband, son and dog.
Mimi Mathew
Mimi completed her 200 hour teacher training in hatha yoga at Yoga Haven in NY under the direction of Betsy Kase. She also had the opportunity of studying under a variety of teachers in California while living there. She is nationally certified and registered with Yoga Alliance. Mimi loves to teach classes with focus on proper alignment along with helpful reminders to connect your breath with your movement. Her relaxing voice and sublime hatha/vinyasa mix will leave you smiling inside and out!
Katie Oeser
Katie is a graduate of Lotus Garden's 200-hour teacher training program and owner of Yoga for Wellness. Her mixed-level classes include a guided meditation at the end. Katie demonstrates modifications for all poses so even those new to yoga can participate! Katie is AFAA certified for aerobic teaching as well. She resides in Brookfield with her husband and 4 children.
Stacey Orris
Stacey delivers a true vinyasa style to each her classes, emphasizing the link between the breath and the body. Stacey offers a safe place where students can express themselves through the ancient practice of yoga. Her goal in each and every class is to share the transformation that yoga brings to mind,body and spirit. Her classes are a moving meditation for each student on his our her own personal journey. Stacey sees yoga as a beautiful outlet that allow us to explore our triumphs and limitations in a way that helps us to grow and become more present in all aspects of our lives. Passion, strength and love shine through in her classes.
Natasha Raymond
Natasha is the original founder of YogaSpace and was a professional journalist prior to opening the studio in 2001. She has always been motivated to help others access the truth and realize their highest potential. She uses her gift with words and depth of practice to lead students in a form of moving meditation that heals the mind, soothes the soul and frees the spirit. Certified in Ashtanga and Integral Yoga as well as SomaSoul, Natasha is natural, heart-centered teacher. She views students and clients with enormous compassion and understanding from the perspective of the mind, body and spirit and sees each person as a whole, unique beings. Natasha offers private Yoga Therapy sessions. Natasha moved to Petaluma, California with fellow yoga teacher Glenn Tucker in the Spring of 2013. We will miss her! She would love to keep in touch with YogaSpace students and friends. You can contact Natasha directly here. and check out Natasha's website here.
Glenn Tucker
Glenn is a former co-owner of Yogaspace and a 500 hr. Kripalu-certified yoga instructor. He has also completed intense study in Yoga Therapy with Mukunda Stiles, and is one of our most senior teachers at YogaSpace. He brings a strong interest in yoga philosophy, history and literature to his practice and teaching and is a firm believer in the benefits of personal practice. He actively supports his students in developing and maintaining their own regular yoga practice. Glenn teaches safe, gentle but rigorous ways to dive deeply into yoga practice. His classes focus on postures (asanas), breathing (pranayam) and movement but include other techniques to explore the "eight limbs" of classical yoga for a balanced, complete and satisfying experience. Glenn moved to California with fellow yoga teacher Natasha Raymond in the Spring of 2013. We will miss him, and look forward to occasional visits. Contact Glenn directly here.

Liz Wendel
Liz has studied Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Anusara traditions. She has also completed trainings in Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Chair Yoga. Liz’s classes leave you feeling refreshed, nourished and inspired. She teaches her students to make choices that bring less stress and more joy into their lives. She has learned through her studies and practice that each day, each breath, each moment is how we establish ourselves on our path. In addition, Liz continues to work with seniors and students with limited mobility. Liz offers gratitude to every teacher she has practiced under, especially Val Schneiderman, Mary Gerdes, Mitchel and Tracy Blier, Donna Jackson and Jillian Pransky. YogaSpace is pleased to have Liz as one of our skilled and compassionate leaders of our Restorative Yoga workshops! (see special events).

Colette White
Colette White is an avid student of yoga who has approached the exploration of her body, mind, and heart with boundless curiosity and a delightful sense of humor. She is a supportive teacher with a keen eye and an open heart. Her training as an Early Childhood educator informs her teaching and makes her a sensitive listener. Colette has studied a variety of styles of yoga but her heart lies with Anusara Yoga. She is grateful to the teachers who have supported her on her journey, including John Friend, Bernadette Birney, Moses Brown, Suzie Hurley, Todd Norian, Susan Rubin, Mary Gerdes, Annie Hampford, and Ross Rayburn. Collette teaches moved to Long Island in 2015 and occassionaly leads workshops at YogaSpace.

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Taryn Darcy
In addition to teaching and practicing yoga, Taryn is a certified Reiki practitioner; and tarot reader. She completed her Reiki II certification with Brenner Reiki Healing, and was amazed and gratified to find that Reiki could relieve her mother’s chronic pain, even where medication had failed. Taryn is committed to sharing this comforting energy with the world. Taryn also offers tarot readings, a tradition passed down from her mother, with the intention of helping others see new possibilities for their lives. Taryn brings sensitivity and tranquility to her clients; and provides a safe space to heal, restore, and evolve.. Contact Taryn directly to book a session.

Jennifer Graves, LMT
including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Pre- & Post-Natal, Integrative, Accupressure, Trigger Point, Sports Massage and more
Jennifer is nationally certified in Wellness, is licensed in the state of CT and has been providing massage services since 2005. She's a firm believer in the "healing power of touch". If you're feeling stressed or sore, if you're pregnant, or know someone who deserves an hour of relaxation, make an appointment with Jennifer, deserve it! Contact Jennifer directly or call (203) 822-0796 to make an appointment.

Supriya Swerdlick
Supriya is a certified licensed massage therapist who combines the therapetic techniques of swedish massage, shiatsu and energy work with her ability to intuitively know what her clients are needing. Supriya has extensive massage experience as well as Hospice training and has served on the staff of Omega Institute since 1995. As a graduate of the New Seminary, Supriya also facilitates weddings and customized sacred ceremonies such as births, funerals, house blessings, etc. Contact Supriya directly to make an appointment.

Miriam Zernis ('Sita")

Miriam Zernis (Sita) is a Classical Yoga Master of the Sivananda lineage, a Reiki Master Teacher and graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She is well versed in both Eastern and Western holistic medicine and her health counseling encompasses all parts of life - food, relationships, career and spirituality to help clients find joy, balance, health and peace in their life and bodies. She has been offering our popular seasonal detox cleanse program for several years. Her other topics of expertise include natural Lyme disease protocols, basic nutrition education, positive thinking approaches to life and the encouragement of spiritual pursuits. Find out more at Miriam is also a kirtan presenter and has been introducing and sharing the practice of devotional chanting and sacred music in a joyful, welcoming way since 2008 in CT, NY, CA, AZ and Canada. Rather than offer a performance, her group, Sita’s Light facilitates a deep, heart opening, blissful experience for all. She also plays live music for yoga classes of all traditions. You can listen to mp3 clips and find out more at and purchase her CD in our shop. Contact Miriam directly here.

Françoise Esteve

Our beloved friend and inspirational dance & yoga teacher, Françoise Esteve was accidently killed in a bicycle accident in her native France in April of 2009. Françoise was an amazing teacher who helped us open our hearts and unleash our spirits through dance, yoga, and her bright, playful spirit.

She will be missed by theYogaSpace community, her friends and family.

Find out more about Françoise...


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